Primaries on the move

The foundation of North Branch’s music program begins with developing a love of music. Then along with that comes recognizing rhythm, patterns, and finding a voice. In this video you’ll see Kat working with the primaries on putting all of these skills together with movement, a little geography thrown in, and always, a lot of fun.

Senior Spanish

Oscar’s Senior Spanish classes have been exploring all things related to food, including eating at a restaurant. It is yet another one of those great opportunities at North Branch to combine topics. While students are busy learning new vocabulary and proper pronunciation, they are also exposed to things like manners and nutrition.

NBS 8th grader receives award

RheannonColorofWaterCongratulations to NBS 8th grader, Rheannon Loth, who was one of 4 students out of 1,248 entries to receive a state-wide honorable mention in Virginia in the Letters about Literature contest. Rheannon wrote a letter to James McBride, author of The Color of Water. In one part of her letter, Rheannon wrote: “Before reading your book, I was painfully ignorant of issues regarding food for families and of discrimination against minority groups. I am accustomed to having  a full pantry and fridge with a generous selection, and it struck me as kind of crazy that you could write with such grace and beautiful language about how your family was always hungry or how you and your siblings battled for food. It really refreshed my sense of the world, pushing my brain to think about how even people in the United States struggle with hunger every day.”

Rheannon joins North Branch alums, Patrick Corwin ’09, Audrey Wood ’12, and Jay Rothenberger ’13 in being recognized for their exemplary writing in the Letters About Literature contest.

The 2016 Mile Run

On Friday, March 25th, North Branch students participated in the annual mile run. Many of the teachers and parents ran with them. Grandparents, friends and nursery students cheered from the side of the field and roads.

Early Primary, Primaries and Junior Ones:

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Junior Twos and the Seniors:

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The Middle School run:

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A scene from The Trumpet of the Swan

Krista’s Primary I class treated fellow students to a scene from a favorite North Branch book, the E.B. White classic, The Trumpet of the Swan. It is the story of, Louis, a trumpeter swan born without a voice who must find another way to express himself in the world.

Theater in the round

Oscar’s junior Spanish class read two classic children’s tales, the first, a version of Chicken Little, and the second, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. They then took these stories, their new vocabulary, some costumes and props, and put them into action on the outdoor stage for the rest of the school to enjoy on a beautiful Friday.


Humans of NBS, Part 6

HONBSKate2 (2)“My husband and I met while we were each birdwatching on a beach in the Pacific Northwest. We discovered we both had a deep love of and reverence for nature. After that we spent our weekends exploring. We went deep into the rain forests, we searched for edible plants, and we made our own sea kayaks. Mine was made out of marine plywood, and my husband modeled his on a traditional Barka, making it with nylon marine skin instead of seal skin. Our daughters share our love of nature. This winter we were on a snow-covered trail, and the girls held out their hands filled with birdseed. Our 9-year-old sat so still that 110 birds came to her. The 4-year-old had about 5 feed from her hand. They were so excited to feed the birds, they weren’t interested in eating their own lunches.” HONBSClell“As I continue my career within the Coast Guard, I always return to the experience and personal growth I saw in myself as a student of North Branch. At the moment I reside in Homer, Alaska with my wife, Lauren, and I am captain of a 110′ Patrol Boat, Coast Guard Cutter SAPELO. As I patrol on search and rescue missions and conduct law enforcement boardings with my crew of 17 Coasties, I can’t help but think my confidence, charisma, intellect, and much of my leadership abilities all stem from my beginnings as a North Branch alum.”

HONBSAleenaSita“I like Connect Four because it’s like a puzzle.” “It’s about strategy. And it’s a good game to play indoors or outdoors.”

HONBSMichael“This guitar belonged to a student in my class the first year I taught full-time. She was enthusiastic about everything, except math. She was actually very skilled mathematically, but she just held on to the idea that math was never going to be fun. I was determined to find a way for Naomi to enjoy math. She had a few “Aha!” moments, and other days she remained skeptical of all this ‘math stuff.’ One day, at the end of class, she announced, ‘That was the best math class ever!’ She had recognized and accepted her abilities and transformed her attitude. I now know that rapid transformations are rare in education. However, her guitar reminds me of that ever-present possibility. Naomi’s guitar also reminds me of how precious life is and to be mindful to make the most of it, just as Naomi did during her life.”

HONBSMasonNhandiLeza“Some days during recess we swing, and some days we meander and talk to our friends.” “I love the way it feels to go back & forth and get higher & higher.” “I learned to swing by telling myself ‘I bet you can touch that tree branch.’ “

HONBSEthan“I think Calvin has a bit of every kid inside of him. If you are a picky eater, he has that. If you are scared of monsters, he has that. And if you can’t relate to Calvin, then you will relate to Hobbes or Susie or one of the other characters.”

HONBSGiant“We all be hermanos as we ever was before.”

Senior cheek cell lab

Margaret’s senior science classes have been studying plant and animal cells, conducting labs, and discussing their findings. Last week, they had the opportunity to take samples of their own cheek cells and examine them under a microscope. They had a lot of fun seeing a real example, from their own bodies, and being able to identify all the science terms they have been learning.