2016 Graduation Ceremony

It was another memorable graduation ceremony at North Branch School. Graduates shared memories and insights that made the gathering of students and families laugh, cry, and appreciate the community of which we are all a part.




Band Fair 2016

The rain cleared (mostly) and the clouds parted (sort of), making way for another fun-filled North Branch Band Fair! There was cake walking, face painting, lip syncing, great music, and so much more. Here are some of the highlights! Take a seat because there were many!

The Phantom Tollbooth

Charlotte and the Seniors entertained students, friends, and family with their production of The Phantom Tollbooth a play by Susan Nanus, based on the book by Norton Juster. It tells the story of a bored young boy, Milo, who receives a strange package one day. In it is a tollbooth. He decides to take his toy car for a ride through it and ends up going on the journey of his life. Full of wordplay and entertaining characters, the seniors really had a lot of fun with the play, including making all of their own props! Here are some behind-the-scenes pictures.

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Primaries on the move

The foundation of North Branch’s music program begins with developing a love of music. Then along with that comes recognizing rhythm, patterns, and finding a voice. In this video you’ll see Kat working with the primaries on putting all of these skills together with movement, a little geography thrown in, and always, a lot of fun.

Senior Spanish

Oscar’s Senior Spanish classes have been exploring all things related to food, including eating at a restaurant. It is yet another one of those great opportunities at North Branch to combine topics. While students are busy learning new vocabulary and proper pronunciation, they are also exposed to things like manners and nutrition.

NBS 8th grader receives award

RheannonColorofWaterCongratulations to NBS 8th grader, Rheannon Loth, who was one of 4 students out of 1,248 entries to receive a state-wide honorable mention in Virginia in the Letters about Literature contest. Rheannon wrote a letter to James McBride, author of The Color of Water. In one part of her letter, Rheannon wrote: “Before reading your book, I was painfully ignorant of issues regarding food for families and of discrimination against minority groups. I am accustomed to having  a full pantry and fridge with a generous selection, and it struck me as kind of crazy that you could write with such grace and beautiful language about how your family was always hungry or how you and your siblings battled for food. It really refreshed my sense of the world, pushing my brain to think about how even people in the United States struggle with hunger every day.”

Rheannon joins North Branch alums, Patrick Corwin ’09, Audrey Wood ’12, and Jay Rothenberger ’13 in being recognized for their exemplary writing in the Letters About Literature contest.