Humans of NBS, Part 3

HONBSBill“I’ve started a business making glass counters & table tops from 100% recycled, locally-sourced bottle glass. I take piles of bottles, grind them, and transition the new material into something precious. It’s pretty moving for me, and it gives me the opportunity to talk to people about how they view waste. People often ask if I can make white glass, so I’m working on a heating process that will transform clear glass to white. There are lots of mixed properties in glass and it doesn’t always behave well when heated, so it’s a fine line between the vision and what is necessary for the piece.”

HONBSKyla“When I was in middle school at NBS, there were 8 students in my graduating class. Now, I am a guidance counselor at a middle school with a student population of 600. I sponsor our school’s Anti-Bully Club; we call ourselves ‘The Defenders.’ Those kids inspire me everyday. Middle school can be a tough time socially and these amazing kids put themselves out there to stand up for what is right and help to make our school a better place. Recently, The Defenders participated in a pep rally, where they made signs and lead the school in a chant of ‘Recognize It, Refuse It, Report It’ – our club rules for dealing with bullying.”

HONBSAlyssa“I’m practicing empathy, which means looking at things from other people’s point of view. It’s something I’ve done since I was a little girl, and I think it will be that way my whole life. It’s a better way to understand how people, or even animals, feel.”

HONBSJoe“When Margaret brought out the Diabalo during the Magic Elective, I knew what it was. There was a juggler at the summer sports camp I go to, and when I watched her doing tricks with the Diabalo, I thought it looked cool and really fun. Margaret let me take it home with me and I practiced at home and during Electives for 7 weeks. She gave me a handbook with tricks in it and I worked on them before and after school. When I started getting good at it, it was a lot more fun. The hardest trick to learn was the one where I threw the right hand stick over the Diabalo and caught it.”

Bill Staines in Concert, February 12


Bill Staines in Concert at North Branch School, with special guest, Alice Clair

Friday, February 12, 7:30 PM

Advanced tickets are $12 adult/$3 student, at the door $15 adult/$5 student. Tickets on sale at North Branch School & Greenberry’s Coffee in Charlottesville.  Attendees are invited to bring a dish and join Bill for a potluck supper at 6:00. Proceeds benefit North Branch School. For more information, call 540-456-8450.

Humans of NBS, Part 2

HONBSGriffinMisha (2)“We made a marble maze out of toilet paper rolls. Some we cut in half and some are whole, so the marble won’t fly off the track. It’s probably about 11 feet long now.”


“Two baby lambs were born on our farm last Friday. One of them was shivering because it was so cold, so I brought it inside. I warmed it up with a blow dryer, then put it on a heating pad. My mistake was not taking it back outside before it opened its eyes. I was the first thing she saw, and now she thinks I’m her mother.”


“I am Mary, Queen of Scots. My cousin, Elizabeth, put me in prison for 18 years because I was plotting to have her killed. I like wearing the crown and wreath and collar, but the collar is itchy.”


“I am making a chocolate cake. It will take 5 seconds to bake. It is for my friend because it is her birthday today.”

Cell Division

Margaret’s 5th/6th grade science class has been studying cell division and “having no fun.” After viewing a video on cells, some of the students decided that they needed to perform this song (and we are glad they did):

An Elizabethan Banquet and a busy assembly

On Friday, the Middle School finished a unit on Elizabethan England in great style. Each student had researched and dressed as a historical figure from the era, prepared an Elizabethan food, and practiced period music pieces. During lunch, Queen Elizabeth and her lady presided over a lovely banquet. Later that afternoon, we had a very busy assembly with performances from Primary Two, the Juniors, Seniors and the Middle School. Here a few scenes of the day. I will continue adding videos and pictures as I edit them.

The Elizabethan Banquet:


Humans of North Branch School

During the month of February, we’ll be posting photos and quotes of students, teachers, parents, and alums.  We hope you enjoy learning  more about the Humans of North Branch School!

“I created a steam punk wind-up doll character for a New Year’s Eve performance with Moonlight-Circus. I was not theatrical growing up, so it’s been fun to discover this creative side as an adult. Creating magical experience through circus, gives me the chance to do something that looks improbable, but really isn’t impossible. When I dance, I am more jazzed and excited about everything in my life.”


“I’m playing Molly Pitcher. She brought cold water to soldiers in the Revolutionary War, and then when her husband fell, she fought in his place. She shot the cannon! Oh, and her husband didn’t die.”


“In 2004, we came to America, to Harrisonburg. It wasn’t in the plans. I had been a librarian for 17 years in colleges and high schools in Colombia. We migrated because my wife had the opportunity for a job teaching English as a Second Language. We didn’t use refugee or asylum status, like some people from Colombia, because we are here because we want to be. We changed our idea of American people while living here. My first impression was that there is much solidarity here. People want to help other people. We discovered that America is not just one American culture, but there is a mix of different beliefs and strengths in America. We want to stay here, and now we have a member of our family who is American. Because he was born here, we were able to get him an American passport. The rest of our family can apply for citizenship classes in four years.”


Writer’s Eye award-winning story

In the fall, students visited The Fralin Museum of Art at UVa and learned about several selected works of art from paintings and photographs to sculptures and etchings. Then students chose a piece or explored the museum further, in search of a style or medium that appealed to their senses. In school, they spent several weeks working on an inspired piece of prose or poetry about their chosen artwork. North Branch is proud of all the hard work each student put into their writing and rewriting! Last Friday, we were treated to a reading by Senior writer and Writer’s Eye Honorable Mention recipient, Kaiya, of her short story, “I’m Just Saying.”