St. George and the Dragon

It’s that time of year again! The usually busy North Branch School is even busier, as students learn lines, rehearse choreography, and practice music for the annual school-wide production St. George and the Dragon. A few key players from the St. George experience past and present explain what it’s all about.


Last Tuesday, we gathered at the firehouse for a simple Thanksgiving meal. We had a fantastic vegetable soup (every student helps chop the vegetables), cornbread (made by the Seniors), homemade butter (from the Middle Schoolers) and apple cider. Before our dinner, students performed a short program with songs, poems and music. Some highlights from that program:

Vote for NBS in Z95’s Christmas Star Competition

It’s time to vote for NBS singers in the Z95 “Christmas Star” contest!

A dozen 5th – 8th graders volunteered to stay after school on several days in November to learn and sing a holiday song in order to enter the Christmas Star contest created by Z95.1, a radio station in Charlottesville.  The students learned “Nouvelles Agreable” (Glad Tidings), a sweet French carol.

Click on this link to hear our entry, as well as the other entries, and vote for us, if you like. Voting ends on December 7.  (You do have to register on the website to vote, but voting itself is very easy, and you can vote as many times as you like.)

Music, movement, and spoken word on Friday

Friday assembly was a mix of presentations from several groups. The Juniors kicked it off with “Au Clair de La Lune” and “Merrily We Roll Along” performed on the recorder. Then Agnes and Wednesday group provided a demonstration of some of the yoga poses they’ve been working on, including a downward facing dog bridge. The students were also treated to a spoken word presentation of Shel Silverstein’s “Homemade Boat” followed by a demonstration of a student’s composition for guitar.

Wednesday group’s songlines

Have you ever wondered what the Wednesday group is all about? Well at Friday assembly, Margaret and her students gave us a glimpse into one of the many fun projects they create out in the woods. The students presented maps drawn from their songlines. Aboriginal Australians created songs, stories, dances, and paintings that when recited in the correct sequence, helped others navigate across the land and identify landmarks and watering holes. Students were also treated to a fencing demonstration and “Calvin and Hobbes” poem by members of Stuart’s Spoken Word class.



The Seniors begin at the beginning

Maggie and the Seniors, in the midst of early life studies, broke down our planet’s history by creating a timeline to the scale of 1 centimeter per million years. Whew! It is impressive, especially when you see the tiny space human existence takes up at the very end. It hangs in the big room for all to see. The Friday audience was also treated to some dinosaur presentations and the poem “This Is Just to Say” by William Carlos Williams recited by a student in Stuart’s Spoken Word class.

Middle School music on Grandparent’s Day

Here are four videos from Grandparent’s Day on October 24th. Below, we hear from the Middle School Choir, as well as the Middle School musicians.

Juniors and Seniors share Friday with grandparents

Juniors sang “The Marvelous Toy” for family visiting North Branch on the annual Grandparents’ Day. The folk song about a toy passed down through the generations was learned by Juniors as they wrote their autobiographies. In researching their stories, some students discovered items in their own families that have been passed down and shared those with the group. The Seniors also added their own musical number on recorder and hand chimes.

Music from The Middle School Ensemble

Here are several fantastic recorder pieces from the last few assemblies. Here are the Middle School students playing with Katrien: